For the Broker...

Centro Benefits Group aims to make our brokers more efficient by providing the transactional functions of the insurance pricing process, while the broker remains in total control of their client experience. Our broker partners send RFPs to Centro Benefits Group in the traditional format, retain full authority for carrier selection and maintain all carrier relationships.

In short, the broker sends one RFP and receives the market results for all selected carriers in a client facing presentation with completed analysis for benefits and pricing along with full research capabilities around benchmarking, network analytics and technology consulting.

For the Client...

Centro Benefits Group provides research, pricing leverage and technology services to optimize the client experience in partnership with the insurance consultant. With experience and expertise around multiple human capital management systems, payroll platforms, and benefit technology systems, Centro Benefits Group can help ensure the client is with the right platform and the insurance rules governing that platform are built properly. This level of advice and execution provides the clients with the best means to enroll and educate employees, along with accurately managing eligibility and billing.


For the Insurance Companies...

Although Centro Benefits Group is able to receive data in an unlimited number of formats, we employ ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) technology. ETL provides a consistent data flow in the insurance carrier's preferred format to minimize data entry, increase accuracy, and reduce the amount of implementation errors.